In a little less than an hour, we'll be done with August, and all up in September. As we make the move from Summer to Fall, and prepare to hibernate through Winter... there's still SOOO much to do. While we spend the next month wrapping up this last string of events, we're remembering an insane season of Pig Roasts & Pop-Ups.

The 2015 season started in April. Easily a month earlier than usual, it was a sign. We kicked things off with a TGIF BBQ at The Salsa Truck. Dan Salls & his crew hosted us for Fried Chicken Lunch, and Smoked Brisket Dinner. Our friends Chef Patty (Bang Bang) and Chef Won Kim (Kimski's) stopped by for dinner service, and helped with plating/crushing strong whiskey drinks in the kitchen. We rounded out the rest of the month with an appearance at a little event called Baconfest, and our second SIdeyard Supper at Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits.

May & June were full of activity. We booked a Pig Roast for over 200 people, kicked off our Beer-B-Q series with Small Bar, and traveled to Madison, WI to break in our La Caja China with Michael Signorelli (Underground Butcher). We linked up with the homies at TDS to bring back Sunday Smokehaus. We even picked up a few nights on the Emporium Food Truck for shits & giggles. Right in the middle of all this, we got a call from the West Coast... and accepted an invitation to participate in Outstanding In the Field, with Chef Timothy Wastell at Big Table Farm. NBD, right.? We've got a few photos from the event here.

Everything after Oregon has gone by in a blinding daze. We wrapped up Beer-B-Q yesterday, this Sunday could be the last Smokehaus for the season, these last few events are the remaining embers from an outrageous bonfire we lit back in April.

Cheers to everyone that made time to kick it with us this Summer. If you haven't gotten out to see us, check our calendar for a list of remaining events, and catch us before we doze off for the winter.